Friday, August 19, 2011

Sex Sells

As I've mentioned, writing  is my current professional and creative pursuit. When I'm not acting as Mary Poppins or watching the Glee Project on Hulu I'm putting all my efforts into writing. I love this blog. Meaning I love writing on this blog. It's my very own public-diary-stream-of-consciousness outlet. It helped to keep me from throwing myself in front of a bus on numerous occasions- like when we would get countless reprimanding memos about God-knows-what, or told I was to be making cold calls all day. Now that I'm unemployed, this blog (believe it or not) gives me some kind of purpose. If I am able to at least make a post I know I will have reached 3's of people. I know what Mother Theresa and Ghandi were all about. I get it.

But wouldn't it be nice if my blog could reach TENs of people!? I mean a girl can dream, right? And guess what? I have a PLAN on how to do this. And, dare I say it? A fucking good plan. My roommate (also known as, depending on how things are going that day, my fiance) also has a blog. I think it's about... well no one really knows what it's about. But if you look through his blog, you'll see the occasional naked lady. Those posts always get 10 times the amount of hits that his other posts get (the other posts being ones with actual content). So, do you see where this is headed?! I think you do. Come with me on this journey to fame and money. 

Here it goes: 

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