Thursday, October 13, 2011


I’m currently at this hippest hipster coffee joint in the nation- Intelligentsia in Venice, CA. I’m here because I’m a famous writer now and I wanted everyone to see how cool I am. So I took my (not mine at all- my fiance’s) MacBook and walked two blocks to see and, most importantly, be seen.

One of my all time favorites hobbies is to eavesdrop. It’s not the classiest of hobbies, but man does it get me off. I also like to look into peoples’ houses at night just to see what they’re up to. People fascinate me. We’re all so weird and just want to be loved at the end of the day (too sentimental?).

There are two people a few feet away from me who are fo sho on a first date. Does no one here have a job by the way? Are we all on unemployment nannying for cash on the side trying to get published as a writer? Why are you guys on a date at 2pm on a Thursday at a coffee shop? I absolutely require alcohol for any sort of date. That’s soooo hipster to keep the party dry. Girlfriend has some ambiguous tattoos on the back of her right arm and on her right forearm. He’s wearing a fedora, is unshaven, and has curly hair. Match made in hipster heaven. I have high hopes for these two. I just heard her say, “I love artistic freedom.” Yeah, we know sweet heart.  Still, I like these two.

I’m not even going to comment on this guy in the pink hat and bejeweled belt (yes, guy). He speaks for himself. Love it:

I’m officially so out of place. Though I must admit I’ve received many approving glances. I think it’s because of the MacBook and the fact that I’m not wearing make up. We’re all so raw. But seriously, I’m not coming back here for a while. I can’t get the wifi to work even though everyone else seems to be getting online just fine (I’m writing in a word doc right now) and …. Nerd alert… the music is way too loud. I guess I’ll never be a hipster. 

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  1. hey lauren
    these are some pretty hot words. and we are loving your asl contributions, flipping hilarious. check out and see what you think. perhaps you'd like to flick us a story.